Gregor the Huntsman

Man of few words, knows the local woods


Int:0 Per:2 Pre:-1 Com:-1 Str:1 Sta:1 Dex:2 Qik:1
Size: 0 Age: 26 Decrepitude:0 Confidence:0

Virtues & Flaws:
Keen Vision +1, Warrior +1, Sharp Ears +1, Mute -3

Basque: 5, Area Lore 2, Concentration 2, Athletics 2(15), Awareness 3, Brawl 1, Stealth 3, Survival 3, Craft (Bowery/Fletcher) 3, Craft (Leatherwork) 3, Hunt 4, Music (flute) 3, Ride 2,
Swim 1

Bows 4, Thrown Weapon(Knife) 3, Single Weapon (knife) 3,

Ash Hunting Bow, Hunting Knife


Patrice Theo found and met Gregor the Huntsman while scouting locations for the Covenant. Walking through the woods, Patrice heard the Gregor playing his flute and approached him. By his friendly, but silent demeanor, Patrice quickly deduced that Gregor was mute.

Gregor proudly scrawled out his name in the dirt and henceforth became know to the Covenant as Gregor the Huntsman.

Gregor has proven a boon in his knowledge of the local woods. Besides providing ample game for the Covenant, he serves as its main scout and guide.

Loyal since before the founding, Gregor is a trusted member of the Covenant despite no one knowing anything of his past. He seems content here. And with his literacy limited to the single word: Gregor, most seem content to let his past be the past.

Gregor the Huntsman

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