Gareth of House Merinita
Age: 23 Size: 1 Confidence: 1 (3)
Personality Traits:

Int: +3 Per: +1 Str: -1 Sta: +2 Pres: -1 Com: -1 Dex: +1 Qik: -1

Animal Kin, Well Traveled, Strong Faerie Blood, Tough, Rapid Convalescence,
Wise One, Piercing Gaze, Gentle Gift, Luck
Animal Companion (Crow), Plagued by Supernatural Entity, Fear, Disfigured,
Busy body, Blacksheep, Duty Bound

Native Tongue (French) 5, Living Lang (Latin) 5, Awareness: 2, Charm: 1 Stealth: 1
Survival: 1, Animal Handling: 1, Hunt: 1, Concentration: 1, Artes Liberales: 1,
Magic Theory: 3, Parma Magica: 1, Philosophe: 1

Magical Arts
CR: 4 In: 3 Mu: 3 Pe: 3 Re: 3
An: 9 Aq: 3 Co: 3 He: 3 Ig: 3 Im: 3 Me: 3 Te: 3 Vi: 3

Blunt The Vipers Fangs LV 20 PeAn
Decay Fur and Hide LV 10 PeAn
Soothe The Ferocious Bear Lv15 ReAn
Beast Of Outlandish Size LV 15 MuAn
Soothe Pains Of The Beast Lv 20 CrAn
Panic of the Elephant’s Mouse Lv 15 ReAn


Gareth Alfodr “Father of Crows” seventh son of Lorde Trevain “The Boar” has chosen the path of the wizard as a means to escape his past and hopefully change his future. Alfodr’s are a brash, but seemingly noble lot originating from Scandinavia. Gareth is of mixed heritage including Swedish, French and Native Scandinavian Skolt Sami on his mothers side (his Sami roots account for his Fae traits as they were a shamanistic/animist people). It is not known publicly why the family left their home country, but he suspects it has to do with the Churches forced conversions of his ancestors.

Alfodr Keep is an impressive sight to behold. Boasting 18 towers surrounding the main castle and a sprawling garden at it’s center. In the garden is a giant white tree said to have been planted by the first Alfodr’s to arrive in France. An odd aspect among all the beauty and grandeur are the iron gutters that run from all 18 towers ending at the tree. What is more interesting is the smell of the soil and the odd rust colored moss surrounding the tree. Largely covered up by all the flowering plants in the garden is the cloying iron musk that wafts from the tree. Though beautiful the garden is unsettling and those with the gift stay clear of it. Little is known about the Alfodr’s outside the family and less known by Gareth. Born into what seems to be a large family on a huge estate Gareth is kept in nearly total isolation except for his nursemaid Edda and his teacher Olfar. Edda is a very cheerful rotund lady who brings light to an otherwise gray and oppressive place. Olfar despite being a teacher is a man of few words. He is impossibly tall and has a blue gray pallor to his skin. He is cold to the touch and if he didn’t lumber around you would think him a corpe. He is also heavily scarred as if by torture. Gareth also has a constant companion his crow Lyra which has been by his side since birth. Gareth even in his isolation was a happy and very curious boy. As he grew his curiosity only grew stronger. He began to ask questions which troubled both Edda and Olfar deeply. He wanted to know his mothers name and why she died when he was born. An answer that Edda could not truthfully answer as it would put them both in great danger. Most troubling was his fascination with his crow Lyra. He always said that she could talk and only he could hear her. He said she sang him to sleep and told him secrets. One day Gareth confronted Edda with knowledge he couldn’t have known. He asked why did mama hate whippoorwills so much. Edda was shocked and asked him where he heard such nonsense. He said Lyra told him so. It was then that Edda decided to tell him about the circumstances of his birth. On the day of Gareth’s birth a great flock of whippoorwills descended on the field outside his mothers chamber. Shortly there after a murder of crows appeared in the trees. The crows were stone silent sitting in the trees like little sentries. The whippoorwills on the other hand kept squawking louder and louder as the labor progressed and your mother slipped away. Your mother knew that the whippoorwills were there for her hungry and screaming to be fed. Her soul was to be taken on their wings to the next life. As you took your first breath your mother took her last in unison the crows let out a mighty caw and attacked the Whippoorwills. A cacophonous war went on for some time between the birds and then all fell silent. As I held you I looked out the window to see a thousand or more dead whippoorwills all without their heads and nary a crow in sight save for Lyra. She was there stood in the middle of all the dead little bastards wounded, but triumphant. Her head was snow white except for a drop of blood where her eye was. She was such a sight to behold! She flew up to the windowsill and has been at your side ever since. With that confusing knowledge Gareth decided he had to know more. He made it his life’s goal to find the truth about his family. What he found would lead him to run for his life and for better or worse become “The Father of Crows”.


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