The Hermetic Arts

The Hermetic Arts (Arts) refers collectively to the Techniques and Forms which when worked together form the backbone of spell-casting. May it be said that this is the backbone of the system which the Arch Mage Bonisagus developed, not to be confused with how all magic works…

Creo (Cr) ‘I create’ Intellego (In) ‘I perceive’ Muto (Mu) ‘I transform’
Perdo (Pe) ‘I destroy’ Rego (Re) ‘I control’

Animal (An) ‘Animal’ Aquam (Aq) ‘Water’ Auram (Au) ‘Air’ Corpus (Co) ‘Body’
Herbam (He) ‘Plant’ Ignem (Ig) ‘Fire’ Imaginem (Im) ‘Image’ Mentem (Me) ‘Mind’
Terram (Te) ‘Earth’ Vim (Vi) ‘Power’

Elemental Forms: Aquam Auram Ignem Terram

The Hermetic Arts

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