Parma Magica Magic Resistance and Penetration

Bonisagus’s invention of the Parma Magica not only allowed the Order of Hermes to be formed, but it allows the Order to survive. Without and prior to the invention of the Parma Magica ritual magic users had little nature defense again rival’s magical attacks. In practice, this led to many preemptive strikes given that whichever magi landed the first blow would prevail. But once the Parma Magica ritual was in place amongst the Order, Wizards were forced to sit down and negotiate.

The Parma magica ritual is one that takes 2 minutes to perform and lasts unto the next sunrise or sunset. A magi need not be awake nor concentrate in order to sustain it, but a magi mage may concentrate to drop/supress it.

Any Magi in the Order has a base magical resistance equal to his/her technique or form.
When the ritual is performed, a magi’s resistance is increased by 5 times their skill in the Parma Magica Ability.

(Parma Magica ability 1, Ignem Art: 4 = (5×1)+4 = 9)

It is rare that a new magi has a skill higher than 1, given this is the last lesson a master teacher his apprentice.

In order for a Magi to cast a spell on something that has a magical resistance, the spell must overcome its magical resistance.

(Combined Casting Total – Score needed = Penetration Ability) – (Magical resistance) = 1 then the spell penetrates the defenders magical resistance.

A magi with a score of 0 in an Art, still has a magic resistance in that Art of a 0, which is greater than not having any magic resistance.

Parma Magica Magic Resistance and Penetration

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