Combat in Ars Magica

Combat is generally not the most important part of Ars Magica, but when it occurs it is deadly… powerful magi have been known to be felled by the mundane club, least they forget to bring along their trusty shield grog.

Five combat scores
Initiative, Attack, Defense, Damage, and Soak

If weapon and shield, add together both items modifiers.

Initiative total
Quickness + Weapon Initiative Modifier – Encumberance + Stress Die

Attack Total
Dex + Combat Ability + Weapon Att Modifier + Stress Die

Defense Total
Qik + Combat Ability + Weapon Defense Modifier + Stress Die

Damage Total
Strength + Weapon Dam Modifier + Attack Advantage

Soak Total
Stamina + Armor Soak Bonus

Combat in Ars Magica

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