The Changeling

Spring 1221

A council of young magi met and it was unanimous that they would seek to track down Patrice Theo.

The Aegis of the Hearth
leading up to now...

Spring 1221
It has been a long two years since leaving Mistridge. I have missed our long and sometimes heated dialogues into the Natural Order and the Fae. The four young magi who came with Galfin the wisen and I have grown much these two cycles, but none yet have been able to fluster me like you can.
Yet, I frown that their studies have been relegated to the mundane tasks of building and supplying a new covenant. I frown that my own research has not progressed as I hoped. I have looked over our walls as they grow tall with envy, I have wanted so badly to truely explore the primordeal forest this valley contains, yet my place is here ensure our new home is completed.
But now, this spring I can finally awake knowing I will have the time explore my new estate! For we have successfully cast the Aegis of the Hearth, the six of us, swearing a bond to support each other through the our covenant, that we may all grow strong together.
I hope this letter finds you well, may we see each other at Tribunal.
With friendship,
Patrice Theo


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