The Covenant


Aura: 3 (boon +1) = 4

4 Shield Grog Template
Graham the Blacksmith
Kaleb the Carpenter
Mikel the bookbinder
Martine the Brewer
Kip the stableboy

The Covenant Library

Vis sources:
Vim, 2 per year, must be harvested
Mentem, 2 per year, must be harvested
Muto, 2 per year, must be harvested
Ignem, 5 per year, two separate sources
Perdo, 5 per year, 1 source, must be harvested
Rego, 3 per year, i source

Vis Stocks and Enchanted Items

Specialists (Teachers/Other)
Tailor lvl 10, Beekeeper lvl 10, Cartographer lvl 10

Minor Demon
Faerie Door Major

Hidden Resources, Horse Herds, Aura +1, Distillery


Spring of 1221
The Covenant lies not far off of a minor road connecting the Basque kingdom of Navarre with the Southern Basque Kingdoms. The mountain pass, is passable in all but the winter months as so see a slow stream of merchants, pilgrims looking to follow the Camino de Santiago, as well as the occasional crusader.
Set amongst wild apple orchards, it purpose to the mundane world is a sideria and distillery. For time eternally, the old orchard and sideria have been a haven to many, a place to refill their flasks on their long journey north or south. A magic place that leaves its ordinary travelers feeling fresh and new, as if they’ve just begun their long journey.
Two years ago, West of house Guenicus convinced the old owners to allow they’re small group to stay.
A small wild herd of horses (led by Lightning) has recently settled here amongst the apple trees. The herd is reclusive or sometimes hostile to local peasantry, yet locals have begun telling tale of a green man followed by a crow has been seen talking to them.

The Covenant

The Changeling Isame