Martine the Brewer

Master brewer for the Asturias Sidreria and distillery


Martine the Brewer, Grog

Int: +1 Per: +2 Str: +0 Sta: +0 Pres: +1 Com: +1 Dex: +1 Qik: +0
Age: 29 Size: 1 Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws
Craftsmand +0, Social Contacts (Brewing/tavern) +1, No sense of direction -1,

Native Lang (basque) 5, Area Lore 3, Folk Ken 3, Guile 1, Charm 2, Brawl 1, Awareness 1, Living Lang (French) 4, Living Lang (spanish) 3, Craft (Brewing/Distilling) 6, Etiquette 2, Bargain 2
Carouse 2, Hunt 1, Teaching 1


Martine is a personable and outgoing man. He has spent his life at the distillery, learning his craft. When the Coven took over the distillery, he was promoted to Master brewer and distiller, proving to be more able to deal with the magi and other coven folk than the previous master brewer. His wife, Iara runs the tavern.

Martine the Brewer

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