Jean duBois

Steward and ex-friar


Int:2 Per:2 Pre: +1 Com: +2 Str:-1 Sta:-1 Dex:-1 Qik: 0
Size: 0 Age 28 Decrepitude: 0 Confidence: 0

Virtues & Flaws:
Social Contacts (Church) +1, Noncombatant -1

Basque 5, Area Lore 2, Awareness 2, Charm 1, Folk Ken 3, Latin 5, Guile 1, Church Lore 3, Teaching 2, Chirurgy 2, Bargain 2, Etiquette 2, Profession (Steward) 3, Folk Lore 3, French 4,
Swim 1, Survival 1, Leadership 3, Music (Singing) 1


Jean duBois was a young Friar when he met and befriended Galfin the Wisen. Through a series of interactions with Galfin, Jean lost his fairth in the Church. Upon leaving to start the new Covenant, Galfin paid one last visit to Jean to say a final farewell, whereby Jean broke down and confessed his loss of faith and begged to serve the new Covenant.
In founding the Covenant, Jean duBois proved his value time and again in interacting with the local peasantry as well as proved to have a fine mind for the stewarding of the mundane affairs of the Covenant.

Jean duBois

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